Want to spend more time doing good,
and less trying to make technology work for you?

It’s time to Do It Better!

Meet KC

With over 20 years of experience working with and for nonprofit organisations, across technology ecosystems, and has implemented solutions big and small.

  • He speaks nonprofit.
  • He has worked with the solutions in market.
  • He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of technology projects.

He knows how to successfully adopt the technologies that will fuel fundraising, program delivery, volunteer management, and more.


Select Better Solutions

  • Identify the right solution
  • Find the right partner
  • Plan smarter projects

Manage Projects Better

  • Expert Oversight
  • Nonprofit Expertise
  • Triage & Resolve Issues

Demonstrate Better Value

  • Improve return on investment
  • Avoid Tech Debt
  • Delight Stakeholders

Why Choose Do It Better Consulting?

We Listen

KC has spent years listening to nonprofits, fundraisers, and volunteers. Getting to know you, your organisation, your staff and those supported by your mission is paramount to achieving your goals. And you’ll know that we listen, because we will reflect it back to you during periodic pulse checks.

We Care

There’s a reason we work with nonprofits: we love you! The work that you do to change the world is astonishing, and we deeply wish to help you spend more time on things that matter, and less time struggling with technology.

We Know

We know that nonprofits are time and resource poor. We adapt our services to make sense for you, and focus on small, incremental wins that demonstrate value quickly, for minimal investment.

We Lived

We have decades of experience working with nonprofits, and participating in technology implementation — we’ve seen it all! You will benefit from our lived experiences. Our deep expertise in fundraising, program & project delivery, information systems, and change management, to name a few, will ensure your technology projects avoid risk, meet deadlines, and demonstrate real value.

We See

We see you. We don’t apply cookie-cutter approaches: our services are tailored for your organisation, your goals. Your success is our business. Literally.

Take The Next Step

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