Select Better Solutions

  • Solution Approach

We’ll help you understand what your options are, and educate you on the impact of your choices. We’ll make sure you have a solution that fits your purpose.

  • Partner Selection

Finding a technology implementation partner can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what questions to ask, or fully understand the proposal put in front of you.

  • Implementation Phasing

One of the fastest ways for a project to go wrong quickly is to try to do too much at once. We’ll work together to phase things out, increasing your technology projects chances for success.

Manage Projects Better

  • Steering Committee

With decades of experience, we’ve got your back! We will participate in steering committees, including periodic assessments, to ensure we catch any potential blind spots or risks long before they become an issue.

  • Project Rescue/Triage

Okay, so the unthinkable has happened. Don’t panic – we’re here to help you understand the severity of what’s wrong, and options to move forward, always with an unbiased view on technology and partners.

  • Fundraising & Non-profit Expertise

We speak ‘non-profit’ and we speak ‘technology’ – I can help you got everyone on the same page.

Demonstrate Value Better

  • Unlock incremental value

I’ll help you to identify quick wins, so you can see value quickly.

  • Virtual Product Owner

We’ll help you create and prioritise a backlog of items, with a view to minimise risk, accelerate value, and delight stakeholders.

  • Adoption & ROI

We’ll help you make the most of your platform, and demonstrate the return on value you expected to see when you embarked on this technology journey.

“It was both the ‘what’ KC delivered and the ‘how’ he delivered it that made the difference. KC helped us identify the gaps in our processes and to begin using more features that were at our disposal. With KC’s advice, we made some changes to managing and administering our database. Importantly for the team and ultimately the end result, KC took a very a collaborative and inclusive approach. By really talking to the team and getting a clear understanding of their needs, the limitations of their experience, and their capacity to adapt to the complexities of the CRM, KC has able to tailor an educative approach. He paced the program of change intentionally while ensuring the key milestones for change were achieved.”

– Dress For Success