Hey–I’m KC!

I’m a caffeine addicted, theatre-Loving dog dad, gamer, and expat. I fell into a career serving others, and helping non-profits, and I love what I do!

Talk to me about musical theatre, sci-fi/fantasy novels & tv shows, my toy poodle, travel recommendations, and games (board & video).

I am blessed to live on Wangal land of the Eora nation.

“The technical team at Vision Australia has worked with KC over a number of years to continually enhance and leverage our Salesforce environment. His vast industry knowledge in both the technology and not-for-profit spaces brings a unique approach and understanding. KC and his team conducted a review of our platform and helped develop a decision making framework to determine the future phases of our environment. KC made every effort to make sure the work delivered value beyond the engagement with us. Do It Better Consulting really did help us do it better!”

– Vision Australia

Ancient History

I started working in non-profit organisations from an early age – my first roles included a Regional Theatre Company in Boston, and as a Community Outreach & Programming Coordinator. I always enjoyed the sense of community through both theatre and helping others, and this has become a core value throughout my life.

I graduated from University with a degree in Theatre, which has been instrumental in being able to connect with clients and tell stories that resonate. I moved into fundraising as part of my university’s Advancement team, in the midst of a record-setting capital campaign. I worked primarily in Advancement Communications, where I got to have my hand in various types of fundraising, stewardship, and alumni events.

I was fortunate enough to travel while in Uni, and went on to continue my studies in Cork, Ireland, where I earned a degree in Management Information & Accounting Systems. I discovered an aptitude for coding and understanding data which lay dormant while I was reciting Shakespeare!

Returning home from Ireland, I was fortunate to work and volunteer at a few non-profits, universities and hospital foundations, before arriving vendor side for a fundraising platform. It was this opportunity which led me to Australia, meeting my fiancé, and starting a life in this beautiful country.

Modern Era

Since arriving in Australia nearly ten years ago, I’ve had the privilege to work with hundreds of non-profit and education institutions. I’ve learned about local use cases that have varied from my own experience, and have become deeply ingrained in the sector.

I’ve had the privilege to work across a few ecosystems that support non-profits. I’ve worked as a business analyst, a functional consultant, a project manager, payments specialist, solutions engineer & architect, as well as supporting customer success. I’ve worn ALL the hats!

Despite having quite a few different email addresses in that time, one thing remains the same: my passion for helping non-profits who do good, leverage technology well in order to do better.

I have unfortunately seen what happens when projects go awry – there’s nothing wrong with the technology, but rather, there is a disconnect between what they think they need, what they actually need, and what they ask for. I’m here to help bridge that gap, and ensure that the investment made in technology pays off, so that more resources can be spent on fulfilling missions and doing good in the world.